Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lighthouses and Letterboxes

We spent the day looking for lighthouses and letterboxes. It was Chrissie’s idea to start letterboxing and now we’re hooked. Check it out by googling the topic. Addictive. And fun.

2010.10.12 Lighthouses 044

2010.10.12 Lighthouses 187

2010.10.12 Lighthouses 222

The top one is Sherwood Point Lighthouse, the next ones are both at the mouth of the shipping canal between Lake Michigan and Sturgeon Bay, known as Canal Station Lighthouse and North Pierhead Light.

2010.10.12 Lighthouses 242

2010.10.12 Lighthouses 244

Letterboxing was a lot of fun, a combination of rubber stamping and detective work. We both can’t wait to also do it back at our home bases (and any future trips we take). It’s a little geeky but we like that kind of thing. Sort of like our usual searches for Public Art pieces (of which there was also no shortage on this trip (with sturgeons and lighthouses). Can’t wait to get busy scrappin’ all these good times.

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