Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 16 – Weekly Chronicles

Week 16 8x8

The Weekly Chronicles prompt over at Club Scrap is to post a layout telling what Earth Day means to me. Although my Weekly Chronicles cover the week from Sunday to Saturday so the whole Earth Day thing doesn't really apply to mine, I treated this week as Earth Week and made an effort to take a daily photo of  "earth-y" things around me. Most photos were taken on the American River Parkway during my bike rides this week. One photo includes a little lizard (I think he's a California Alligator Lizard). And one photo of flowers is mis-identified. I have been absolutely unable to locate the name of the flower, so if one of you outdoorsy gals can help me, I would appreciate it. It's up to you to discover which one is mis-labeled. Still having fun with this challenge although EVERY Sunday night I swear I will do a bit of this Photoshopping earlier in the week. Do I? Well, I will let you guess that......
I used Club Scrap’s Come Sail Away digi papers (altered a bit to lighten the color) and the same Becky Higgins Project Life tempates from Jessica Sprague. Thanks for looking.


  1. Great design. Love the arrows and love seeing your smiling face out on your bike so often! Miss you sissy!

  2. the green on here really pops those photos! What a fun week you had and I'm sorry I don't know what those cone flowers are really called. You geranium looks like mine... were you sneaking in my backyard?