Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles

In line with my 2014 resolution to use my stash in a methodical manner, I assigned Bicycles to February. I've been working on layouts from my stash, a large portion of which is Club Scrap's Wheel & Sprocket kit. Most of these layouts are "half-baked" meaning they don't yet have photos or stories. But the framework is there when I locate the appropriate photos. I have scrapped "backwards" like this for years and it works for me. Anyway, just want to post proof that I have been making pages, even though they aren't in a presentable state yet. Although one of them was posted yesterday and the one in the top right corner is my very first layout in the popular pocket page style. And there are more where these came from......

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Love your W&S pages. That was a great kit and your photos will be wonderful on them. And you know I love the two finished ones. Both are winners