Sunday, February 13, 2011

Liebster Blog

The Liebster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen.  I was picked by my new friend Nancy who shares her Squirrely Art with me and encourages me to grow in my art by issuing challenges for me to meet.

Here are some of the blogs I follow (and unashamedly copy on occasion):
Farley at BeadsPaperInk
Julie at Jujusfolly
Diana at Craftsandadventuresfromtheenns
Rachelle at Orezonia
and, of course, my little sister at making impressions

If you have been tagged and want to participate, create a post where you post the 'LOVE BLOG' image. Then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post.

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