Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grungy Monday–Week Nine


This week I struggled with the Shabby Chic technique as taught to us by Tim Holtz on Day 10 of the 2007 Christmas Tags.

Linda at Grungy Monday at Studio L3 has challenged us to create art with this technique. Whatever. I’m not happy with mine but it is finished and I have to go with it. These concepts are always so much better in my head than once I have actually finished the project.

This week I interpreted Savoy Truffle by George Harrison which first appeared on the White Album. It was a song about Eric Clapton’s chocolate addiction and how he had to have all his teeth pulled out because of it. Lovely thought. Anyway, I’ve always liked the song, being a fan of chocolate myself. Just hope I don’t eventually have to have all my teeth pulled. Of course, Eric was much younger when that occurred than I am now. And I think he had a few more bad habits, as well.

You know that what you eat you are                                                                  But what is sweet now turns so sour

Cardstock used is from Club Scrap’s Chocolate Shoppe kit. Adirondack Paint Dabbers used were Pool, Sunshine Yellow and Sunset Orange. Chocolate stamps are from Stampa Rosa, Stampin’ Up and one unidentified one. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Obscure song sis and not such a nice story behind it:). I like your combination of colors for this one and the repeated bracket shape.