Sunday, August 19, 2012

28 Sketches - Day 14 - Signs

Saralee and I were charmed by the quaint and unusual signs and vernacular in New Zealand. This page captures a few of those memories. Layout created on paper from a DCWV stack called Timeless Type. USE YOUR STASH! It's a little busy, I suppose. But it's done. And that makes me happy.
I still have eight sketches to complete. Last night I ordered up some new photos from Shutterfly to accomodate the sizes called for in Lisa Day's sketches. Still have to come up with a slew of 2x2 inch pix. Not my usual size.


  1. great layout to show all the interesting signs on a trip! Love the one of the kids crossing the street.

  2. nice layout...i think i'd have found a way to work the word Vernacular into the title. It's just fun to say :O