Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waninyatu Wiyuskinyan na Omaka Teca yuhabpo!

My niece Lexi and nephew John generously agreed to donate the gift I would have given them for Christmas to the children at St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain, SD. In honor of this selfless gift, I created a Christmas card with an Indian flair to give to them. It isn't overly Christmas-y but does include the same colors and papers used on some of my other Christmas cards. I couldn't wait for the opportunity to combine my Dreamcatcher die from Cheery Lynn with the Stephanie Barnard Flip It card die. I love the result. Inside is a holiday greeting in the Lakota language. Thanks for looking.


  1. THIS. IS. FLIPPIN'. BRILLIANT! Not to mention gorgeous. I will be copying you, you know! AWESOME!!!