Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Enchanted Evening

I was so disappointed about an error I made in the Photoshop preparation of this digi/hybrid layout that I became blocked about finishing it and posting it. I didn't want to fix it and spent another couple of bucks at Costco to repair it so I am posting it as is. Let me know if you see my mistake. Insane I know, but these little things (mistakes) in my scrapbooks make me crazy. I'm such a perfectionist.

So I created the template in Photoshop. Used Club Scrap Tribal paper for the background and cut the shapes on my Silhouette. The Hello Story lesson in Week 5 is Mathematics. Ali's layout used plus signs to link a series of photos. I pretty much copied her design directly but her layout seems much more impressive. Oh, well......it's done. On to the next one.

Thanks for dropping by. I also used this layout for the monthly scrapbook sketch over at Paperartistsonline.


  1. I felt like I was playing "spot the difference". I'm really bad at it! I DO NOT see your mistake. Looks great to me!

  2. beats me... unless you are comparing the "blank spots" on each page - the right being lighter than the left?

    Looks like an Enchanted Evening to me!